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Friday, June 24, 2011

Chevrolet Beat Photo Gallery Wallpapers And Chevrolet Beat Electric Vehicle to be unveiled on June 23


General Motors India is counted amongst the most successful and flourishing car manufacturers in India. The car manufacturer has introduced various new cars in different versions and it has been pretty successful in climbing the ladder of success pretty quickly. General Motors India has several new cars in the pipeline for 2011 and 2012. Speculations in the Indian Auto Market suggest that this car maker is all geared to flaunt its new Chevrolet Beat Electric model on the 23rd  June 2011. The car will be recognized by the name of Chevrolet Beat Electric.
 Chevrolet Beat

Chevrolet Beat petrol version has already been appreciated and liked by all and soon General Motors India is planning to the Chevrolet Beat diesel launch during the festive season. The expected price of Chevrolet Beat diesel version could land approximately between Rs. 5-6 Lakh. Rumor has it, that the diesel variant of Chevrolet beat will be loaded with some astonishing features, which include sixteen valve-4 cylinder engine, which would churn out pretty impressive amount of power.
Chevrolet Beat

However, the new Chevrolet Beat Electric is not to be launched in India for the time being yet. And if reports are to be believed, there is nearly no possibility that Chevrolet Beat electric will be launched soon in the country. First General Motors will evaluate the response received in other auto markets and then the car manufacturer will give a thought on launching it in the Indian Auto market.
Chevrolet Beat

The present Chevrolet Beat petrol version is available at a very affordable price. The cost of the petrol Chevrolet beat ranges between Rs. 3.75 to 4.5 Lakh. However, it is expected that the diesel variant of Chevrolet beat will cost slightly higher that the petrol variation. Nonetheless, the exact price of Chevrolet Beat Electric has not been revealed, but it won’t go higher that Rs. 5 Lakh as Mahindra has already launched its small car (electric), Mahindra Reva at the price of Rs. 3, 40,000 some years back. However, whenever Chevrolet Beat Electric is launched in the country, it might have to face a tough competition to other small cars in India, which run on petrol and diesel.

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