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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pics Top 60 The Mercedes-Benz Museum - history from its very beginnings to the present day

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart Germany CLASSIC CARS!
Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the new Mercedes-Benz museum houses more than 160 vehicles and 1,500 exhibits ranging from the company's first cars, dating back to 1886, to the SLS AMG supercar of today. Built in 2006, the facility has accommodated no fewer than 2.8 million visitors who have had the option of taking a guided tour or browsing the car collection on their own. Unfortunately, haven't gotten the opportunity to be included in that list of visitors yet.

Here is a look inside the famous Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart Germany. It is a phenomenal place to visit, and the architecture alone is something to behold. You take an elevator to the top floor (there are 7-8 stories) and work your way down a spiral walkway back to the ground level. At the top is the earliest automobiles made by the various companies that would become Mercedes Benz. As you progress you see the vehicles that the company has made in each era - both cars and large vehicles (buses, trucks, etc). The ramp down to the next level is lined with displays of historical events during the next era, then you arrive at a large room where the cars are on display. And what beautiful cars they are! Talk about unbelievable condition! And there are interactive displays as well. Near the end there is a celebrity room where Mercedes owned by the famous are on display (the Popemobile, Princess Diana, Emperor Hirohito, the Beatles, etc). It is a fantastic museum that is well worth the visit (and admission is free!).

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